Real dialogue is not politically correct.

Real dialogue is not politically correct.

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Real dialogue for real change is not a soundbite because it requires facing brutal truths. Truths that are uncomfortable, frightening and politically incorrect. Truths that are akin to being the boogie man in our closet that we don’t open at night, the credit card bill we don’t want to see, the doctor’s appointment we conveniently “forget” to make.

Real dialogue for real change doesn’t happen because our greatest fear is for us to be exposed in our flaws, our frauds and our truths turned into falsehoods.

Till we have the courage to “talk” as a nation, we will continue to come to this place in our history time and time again. And, like the bill we wont open, the problem will only get bigger and our moral debt to pay back as a society greater.

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  • I absolutely love your writing. It speaks the truth, and is well put together. I hope people will not just it…but, read it…and hear what it is you are saying!

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