Why Its Hurts When We Say “All Lives Matter:

Why Its Hurts When We Say “All Lives Matter:

Why Its Hurts When We Say “All Lives Matter:


Black Lives Matter” Yes, we do. Period. In its simplest definition, to matter means to be of importance, significance, and consequence. And for many in the African-American community, saying “Black Lives Matter” is our way of declaring that we are important, our issues are important, and neither we as individuals, nor the issues that impact us, will be discarded, overshadowed, treated as nonsense, or accused of “playing the race card” anymore. No. We matter.

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  • So why not say that Black Lives Matter, TOO? If you want inclusion, why not practice it?

    • I couldn’t agree more.

  • Please get your facts straight! The LSU-Arizona State game held 12 days after Hurricane Katrina’s devastation was moved to Tempe, AZ because LSU offered housing on campus for displaced New Orleans residents! There were not 100,000 fans in the stadium. That is false! It’s these kind of inflammatory remarks that are irresponsible and cause problems when people read unsubstantiated statements and the author is never held responsible. Where is your editor/fact checker? I’m ver dissapointed in Vanity Fair! As an LSU journalism graduate and resident of New Orleans now and during Katrina, I’m offended. I looked to your article to help me better understand. You lost me!

    • I think you lost the point! So due to one error you are discrediting all that he has said about the black lives movement? Really?

  • The Black Lives Matter group is saying loud and clear Black Lives Matter more than other lives and maybe they are the only lives that matter. Stop vilifying politicians and others , like the singer of the Canadian National Anthem who “dared” to say All Lives Matter. Your movement will be received better if it is inclusive, which it is not. Stopping shouting down and/or calling people racists for merely saying All Lives Matter.

  • The student body of LSU in 2006 was roughly 9%
    blacks. What about the other minorities that did not rush to New Orleans? Are all of those students guilty of some type of self-hating racism or Uncle Tomism?
    The Katrina Hurricane was a very dangerous situation. Is every person who did not rush to the Superdome guilty of something? It was a very dangerous situation with some bad people running around.

  • You’re right that your English teacher should be proud of you. Your essay really blew me away and was an incisive commentary on an explosive subject as evidenced by other commenters. I do have to agree with Emily that you got the LSU-Arizona game wrong but it didn’t erode the message of your writing. Thank you.

  • The previous comments did an excellent job of exposing your agenda.
    Is saying White Lives Matter racist?
    I’ve heard much about Black Pride. If I say anything about White Pride, I’m called a racist.
    The issues that American Blacks face can mostly be solved if they would stop acting like American Blacks.

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